Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Droping the Weight!

Carnival 2009 is over and 2010 is speeding towards us. Getting caught up with the hype and choosing costumes, by the time you think about weight it's October and your goal is almost impossible or requires drastic measures. After this carnival, in the past two months I've put on a good few pounds and I intend to lose them. Although weight comes on quickly, its three times as hard to get it off.

Start excersizing NOW!!!!

Dropping Weight = Cardio
Cardio = Weight Loss

Here is my plan
Areas that need to be worked on:

What am I gonna do about it:

Tip: Run for about 45mins to an hour per day...start off slow and gradually build up speed and time, don't just jump in willy nilly or else your body will cuss you out!

Really works the legs and calves in my opinion.

I would do spin but it aggrevates my back!

Yes I know I was supposed tos tart since last year but i will this year, i promise

Cardio Exercise

Here are some sites you can look at
Train with me online
Health Fitness Zone


vivia38 said...

Hey Mimi,
i am right there with you. I have started july 1st and hope to drop 25lbs by carnival. i am good with exercise but got issues with food, I can't stay away from carbs!
Have you ever tried herbalife?

Good luck!

mimi said...

nope but I have a lot of friends who have, and it really works. I share your sentiments exactly...I love food with carbs lol....I highly doubt i'll sacrifice much of that

djmadmike said...

let me know if you need help i got a cool friend who trains for the carnivals alll the time and she looks
i can send u some pics if u want i think shes trini btw

mimi said...

thanks madmike! I'll let you know. I bookmarked that site too, verryyy helpful!

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