Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost sold out sections in SPICE

So there have been a few people asking about spice and what is sold for those of you who think you have months to wait if you want in on the following sections...
"Driselle Ramjohn sent a message to the members of SPICE CARNIVAL 2010 - The Spice Route!!!!!!

Subject: Spice Carnival costumes going fast!

Hey Spice Peeps,

Just letting you all know Thailand, Wings of Isis, Rubies of Mumbai, China and Greece are almost sold out online...however you can still get your sizes @ our showroom...make sure you secure your first choice early!

You can message me right here on facebook or e-mail me at if you have any questions or queries!

Thanks much!"

I just have one question....since when China was on the scene? I though China Female was in never to be seen again?


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Mimi I think this email message from Spice was just silly. First off the fact that they pre sized costumes is why it is so difficult for people to get their size combination online, yet is available at the mas camp. And what the hell is ALMOST sold out :S You either sold out or Not,

Did anyone ever get back to you on the letter you wrote them ?

cute dougla said...

I think spice needs to let ppl know officially about this preordering of sizes...I went online last week wednesday and ordered Thailand in a 34C bra and Large bottom and was told that these sizes were sold out so I had to go to the mas camp and register in order to get my size...I wonder about those masqueraders who are outside of Trinidad?

cute dougla said...

Btw, spice also fed us this "almost sold out" line last year!

mimi said...

No Saucy they didn't! But i've got a feeling they more than read it! Anyway I think it was a veryyyy silly message, I think this driselle girl feel is boots she selling or something. If you realize that registration online is going faster than in house, just update the webstore!Don't send me no foolish message about what almost sold out! And as cute dougla said, they said that last year too and I am still waiting to see the rest of frontlines for sea salt!
I worry for foreign masqueraders too yes. Because they are not like us, they can't just pop down to the camp to register. I think driselle forget that they are trying on an international level and that it is not just local trinis who play mas

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