Friday, August 7, 2009

Spice yuh on S revised

So last night I created a heated post about those rumoured spice prices on sauce blog.
I will still say if those really are spices prices they need to be revised asap as already their potential masqueraders are dropping like flies.
I converted some of the back line prices and at 6.3 exchange rate the prices range between $3672.90 - $3987.90. Compared to last year where u couldve gotten a back line in spice for under $3000 and their most expensive bl was $3495 I think ( will edit later when m y internet comes back)
The only front line prices I think are really justified are caspian sea and greece. With all those feathers and jewels in caspian and that totally blinged out monokini. The others can do with revising.
Think about it a jump from your most expensive costume being 4800 to this is not practical for band like them just coming into your second year. Prices should gradually increase not just sky rocket. My final statement still remains. Demand is a funny thing and it can fall as quickly as it rises. So if these prices are really true reflection of spices prices forecast expected downfall in demand
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