Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can you guess the costume?

Hiya my bloggers!!!

SO remember I told you that there will be competitions, well we've passed 25000 visits, so it is long overdue!!!!

So here's the competition

You must guess the costume in the following pictures

The person with the correct answer will be given EITHER ONE of the following:



Send in your answers to with the subject "costume guess" with the following




Hint: Not all costumes are 2010


Carnival Divaz said...

I won the last one, so I will stay out. LOL

*** Runs to make my sis type in all of the answers*** LOL

mimi said...

lol!!!! It's good that you know! I hope I didnt make it too easy...I feel that last one will be a tuffy

Carnival Divaz said...

People wouldnt expect the last one.

Channell said...

Did anyone win yet? Or may I still enter LoL?

mimi said...

lol no one entered like it was too hard yes! lol will repost this again!

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