Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Spice Mas Camp Visit

So I visited the spice camp today to register for my Moroccan Heat Backline...yes I said Backline, as much as I wanted to do Frontline this coming year and even though I had the money for it, I personally felt that with that 5k+ I could do so many things with it, I've got priorities and playing frontline was not going to help me when I need to get those things done.

So spice mas camp was very nice, still think they need a proper sign than the boat. Any who the registration are and show room are nicely decorated and clean, even saw Rocky doing a little vacuuming. There were quite a few people there about four chicks registering, I must say considering last year when I went and it was empty, they've got a pretty much steady flow of people. Nicholas and Rocky were basically the PR people, they stood and answered your questions.

The registration process itself took about 10 minutes because they make you try on a bra to ensure your bra for the road fits, they also show you the bottom pieces to make sure you get the right size.

The costumes are all displayed, some on mannequins and some on the wall. Only backlines were displayed
Still love this costumes, it is beautiful it would look really nice on the road, I love the headpieces and 'space' bra as people have dubbed it, is nice, simple and effective. The only thing I worry about is the footpieces with those beads, wouldn't it be annoying with that swinging back on your legs all the time? I don't know maybe its just me. At $3795, It's a good option in my opinion.

Up to this day I still can't spell that damned costume properly.
Anyway, I don't care what anyone says this costume is cute! It is very skimpy but I think it would look good on all skin tones. Does anyone else feel like saying midnight bloom when they see it? It is the section I can still see young ones going for and those who don't like too much fuss.

Wings of Isis
This costume is sooo blinged out its not funny, bling is everywhere!I can totally understand why this is $3795.However I think this will be a stocking ripper. I love this costume, but the two wholes in the front where the cloth goes just annoys me for some reason. Although i think that cloth looks like you can remove it as I know many of you wish to do.

My views on this cotume are still the same I totally love it. It is a gorgeous costume.

Rome is an iffy one for me, because only certain skin tones will look good in it. Its a pretty costume a little Harts reminiscent. I love the footpieces though.

Caspian Sea
In my opinion this frontline is best value for money! The Backline is also one of the better prices options.

Merchants o Venice
Up close it is a beautiful costume, however the dropping feathers on the head piece is questionable also the frontline back pack looks scanty!

Moroccan Heat
It is beautiful! A lot of intricate beading going on and it very much covers the backside well, I think its another o the better ones.

So the whole warrior and princess thing had me confused but the difference is in the headpiece. I still think China is an underestimated costume it is beautifully beaded, just those pieces of silk need to go!

Gosh this is another blinged costume, I love it, my sister loves it too!!! It has a lot of gems and it simply decorated but very beautiful and offers good coverage. I think its price is justified.

Rubies of Mumbai
One of The Best costumes hands down in the band! I lovee this costume and if I hadn't played red this year I would've been up in that!!!The costume is a rich vibrant red, well jeweled and decorated and one the best values for money in the band!!!

Ceylon Pearls
This backline option or whatever it is being displayed is gorgeous, I absolutely love it, its fully decorated with pearls. I think the backpack could've gotten different type of feathers to make it look fuller.

Gates of Petra
The pink is like a pink bra covered with candyfloss so it has a sparkly sheen, the beads help bring out the pink but not enough for it to look really great on a dark skinned person. But question...where were the footpieces?

Although much effort has been put into the mas camp and so, they completely failed at online public relations. Bands on the whole need to act as though blogs like Saucy's and other carnival enthusiasts do not exist and do their own public relations. Why is it that up to now Spice hasn't sent an official message stating their prices, downpayment fee and accepted methods of payment? By the way they DO NOT take credit card, cash and linx only in the mas camp. PR contributes to overall service and outside of the mas camp and I am not impressed at all! As for the prices, The prices are still the same just in TT, Do I have fool written on my face? After denying that the prices on sauce's blog were official, you come back with practically the same prices! I will say that some costume prices are justified however others are simply unreasonable in my books.Also the idea of prices, registration and website launcing all simultaneously was definitely a ridiculous idea, whoever bright plan that was need a lash. Hopefully Spice has learnt from their mistakes so far and try not to screw up anymore, because I am afraid to think of them losing any more potential masqueraders.

Anyway here is a nice lil joke for allyuh...I just can't go anywhere with my sister

Nicholas Pena looks across at my sister
NP : So what section you playing in?
My sis: Um....Home section
NP looks confused
NP :Excuse me?
My sis: D home section
Then a smile breaks out on NP face and we start to laugh
NP : Oh ho.....all inclusive or wha?
My sis: Yea complete with Pelau!

Lmao you see why I can't take her backside anywhere

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