Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Letter to Spice

Now even though I am registered and I support them in all that they do, I cannot take their lack of communication and accomodation for certain bra sizes. I have given Spice enough time to send out a message about certain things, but all Driselle Ramjohn seems to send out is about section launching at prive and updated closing times. Simple put it annoys me that up to now Spice has not sent masqueraders a proper message about registration and prices. I am routting for Spice but they've got somethings to learn.
So here is my letter to spice, I know they ain't ging to reply but I know they'll read it.

"Hello, I have been meaning to write you guys a message for a while now concerning you lack of accommodation for certain bra sizes and lack of communication. Up to now, I have YET to receive a message about registration details! I have YET to receive a message about prices! That is just unsatisfactory! After the great and timely service you gave for 2009 what happened? Please you need to buck up on that! Why is it that frontline bras go up to 36c I can understand in terms of the monokinis, but regular bras, such as Caspian Sea, Rubies of Mumbai and Rome should go up to the same size as backline bras! Also Why are persons NOT allowed to bring in their own bra to decorate!! Honestly you guys need to be more accommodating because a lot of people are upset and unimpressed with you guys as a band about this issue, because simply put it is not done. No other band I know about rejects people even bringing in their bras for you to decorate if you don't carry their size. I am telling you as it is, a lot of people are turned OFF from the band because of that. This is not a hate mail or anything, I am just a concerned masquerader routing for you guys to be the best!"


iDIGRESS said...

Been there. Done that. Still await their reply. I wait with bated breath. Last year both Nicholas and Anderson would email my with answering any and every qury I had. This year they come like ghost.

I to have registered but I am kinda worried what I have invested my monies into.

mimi said...

Steups...I honestly love their costumes this year, but i dont like the style in which they are handling out of mas camp relation! In the mas camp their fine...but outside...PR clearly needs to be revised

elsa said...

MiMi, I sent a email to Spice, approximately two weeks. in reference to the bra situation. I am still waiting on a reply.

iDIGRESS said...

Their costumes are beautiful. BUT their PR sucks on so many levels.

I do not get their logic.

(My apologies for the spellings and grammar in my previous comment. I was at work and was typing on the sly)

cute dougla said...

not just the bra size mimi...but they don't have the corset option for FL and they attribute this to the monokini...but as u pointed out, not all of the FLs are monokinis. But I was able to wear a corset this year in FL so I am not understanding the logic here. Why can't u pay for the FL and then pay extra for the corset? The corset should be an option for Rubies at least since there is already a corset option...I am not too happy about these restriction...To add to this, I am paying more for a backline costume for next year than I paid for a FL this year! Spice needs to realize that this is their 2nd year and you can't already start this exclusion...wait until u can get big like Tribe

mimi said...

I know dougla! The price I am paying for my backline is just $200 less than what I paid for my FL last year! The prices were a drastic increase from last year.Yes I too am confused about the option this year, no corset for FL it would've been nice because it would've added variety

Trinpeaks said...

Please tell me that this is not so ladies, cause I was seriously thinking about playing with Spice because when I went to the mas camp I asked if there was a specific size for frontline cause I know some bands do that, and the guy said no.This is so wrong... I have a D bustline so what is my predicament now?????

mimi said...

Well peaks, if they told you that, don't panic. If you really are worried about it call them. If they do take the D amen because last year they were taking most sizes frontline,so I really don't understanf

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