Saturday, February 21, 2009

SPICE collection review!!!! Part Deux!!!

So now onto the costume itself

So this is the bra, it looks the same as it did

The Waist piece looks good as gold also

The leg pieces, look shorterr and this the smarted thing I've seen, they but one elastic strap so that they can fit properly, very smart!
The arm pieces, I noticed were missing the feathers, so I added my own ( perks of left over stock from bag making! lol)

Neck piece is gorgeous! The sraps were a little long so I cut it and added velcro

Headpiece, the had an elastic band at the base, which if I even tried will take off any eyelashes and jewels I will have on for tuesday. SO you know your girl cut it as added velcro!( long live almight velcro!)

BackPack/ shoulder Pack
It looked good, but somehow I can't put my finger on it but it feels a bit differnt from the proto type! Butit's good still and surprsigingly comfy!

  • The looses sequins keep dropping a bit
  • The glueing is a bit untidy
  • Arm pices were a little stiff
  • Headpiece elastic just a bit too tight!
  • Even though the sizes were off the bra has good support
  • Easily adjustable waist piece.
  • Easily adjustable leg pieces.
  • Light backpack and headpiece
All in all I love my costume!!!

The goodie bag

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