Saturday, February 14, 2009

Make up and SPF for OTR

Well campus carnival was last night! And oh gosh it was gooodddd!!!1 I don't know why it wasn't next weekend so I would've been in the right frame of mind for Monday and Tuesday.
So I applied Black Opal Creme Stick once again and I must say I am very pleased! It withstand all the sweating, don't mind it was the night time, I was still sweating profusely. With just a little touch up of arista compact powder ($14.95 Pennywise)

I think for the divas who don't want to go through the trouble of adding lashes an option is lash extending mascara. It really does work and I love it! I use L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara, It's a little on the costly side but its worth it!
And the tip Afro Chic gave once about the fix it spray and eyeshadow! Great tip! I tried it and my eyeshadow stayed on so well and was so vibrant that I even when I wet myface, it stayed on!!!

So basically here are the make up tips!
  • do make sure, you're brushes and sponges are clean before application
  • make sure face is properally primed
  • use fix it sprays and setting powders
  • use oil control/blocking mechanisms like Black Opal Oil Blocking powder. Mac Oil Control Lotion
  • Use fix it spray or toner on your brush or eyeshadow spong when applying! Keeps Eyeshadow on and bright!
  • keep a small compact with mirror and powder ( i use Arista, they're cheap and get the job done!)

Now on to the sunblock. How much is too much protection? As far as I've researched truthfully there seems to be no limit, just myths more or less about having to high a sun block. Tip do not buy your neutrogena sunblock in Pennywise Trincity because as the spf increases so does the price, I paid one flat price for my SPF85 sunblock in Pennywise Arima, so please be careful with choosing and buying sun block. In my opinion a sunblock of spf45 and higher is necessary! Don't go lower than that or else you will look like a turkey!

Sunblock tips
  • look for one that has dry touc, i.e doesn't go on looking pasty or greasy
  • buy sunblock not sunscreen there is difference
  • apply it often through out the day for best protection, so make use of those mini tubes ppl!
  • avoid rubbing into eyes, happened to my friend last year and she had a burning watering eye wholeee of tuesday!
  • put on sunblock before moisturizer, primer and make up!

That's all for today folks!

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cute dougla said...

MAC blotting powder is a must!

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