Monday, February 16, 2009

Campus Carnival 2009

So as some of you know Campus Carnival was Friday gone and Iw as actively involved, since my sister in law and her boyfriend were bringing out a band...Children of the Forest! It was 2008 reigning champs! And in my honnest opinion all things aside, it was the best looking band...honestly.

Campus Carnival is a good option to those who do like playing mas but not in the day, who cannot afford to pay $2500 and up for a costume and those who just want to have a little fun before Carnival monday and Tuesday to get them in the mood. The bands, most of them if not all are all inclusive with drinks and food. Mostly cornsoup and doubles or something simple like that. Don't go expecting to get a TRIBE or IP bar; Remember it is students who are organising it after all ...

But what I could tell you it was reallll jamishness! It put me in the right mood for this coming week, so much so that I don't feel I could think straight nah, all I hearing in my head s soca, and all I seeing is me, on people dem car wining down d place. And d hubby wasn't around for too long ( like he was trying to make this resemble carnival monday and tuesday) it was even more jamishness!!!!! All i have is memory of me stick up on d side of somebody car(poor ting) while my friend sabrina...(yes sabrina who does make d bags n dem! ) pelt waist liek it goin out of style and back it up on was bachannal! But I am ttelling you I exectued FHOness to the highlest elvel...the face was always on point, I was captivating plenty camera, Ie ven chop up meh jersey and make it an off the shoulder top! Yes! I executed it quite ell for a first timer, it is safe to say I am ready for d road!!!!

But my sister in law will make a good FHO look at this girl cosutme that she made all by herself nah!! I am proud!!!!

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