Saturday, February 21, 2009

my boots

so as some of you know, I was not going to paint my boots because they are too cute for that So i just added a feather boa that I got at Tulip for $125.00 ( yes allyuh I finally got it!)

Then I headed into the mall tonight after I met up with bunny!

So i got myself 2 stockings from Westport for $20 each and a hat

I went into Pennywise and picked up some Braid spray
  • Eye brow blades
  • Arista compact in Nutmeg! (Yes i got it!)
Then checked into Wonerful world
  • Some earrings that were on sale 2 for $12 to match with my costume
  • she gloo and duo eyelash glue( found the duo after i got the she gloo :-( )!
  • red cherry falsies!
Then got my pasty bra to wear under my bra for Tuesday!

I would say that I am all set!

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