Monday, February 23, 2009

SPICE Monday!

So yuh girl had a ball!!!!! I palance for all of you people who did not make it for Carnival!
So Spice was meeting 9am but uh girl reach 12. Just in time for lunch!
I had Bar-B- Que which tasted good but needed some dressing. It was a lot of food and yuh girl ketch her rass to eat it, i could've only eaten about a half.

We got on the road and I must admitt that the eye candy factor...could get a 4 out of 5! Because MY GOODNESS the man dem fine!!!!! and d girls sweet too...

The band turn out was small at the beginning but it grew alot, but I know for a fact that the actual numbers in the band are alot, so much so that apparantly Scotch Bonnet sold out!
The Vibe was also very nice and I saaw a ltop of people who played in TRIBE last year in that band. And apparantly we looked so good I was asked about 4 times if this was TRIBE.
It was jamishness till 7!

The bathrooms/ wee wee truck was extremely clean, complete with mirror and foot pump sink and soap, that never ended! It was complete with pins, muscle relaxer, pain killers, pads, tampons, panty shields (regular and thongs)

The bar was very good the people were uber polite! I never had polite service like that ever!!!!!!
And the drinks were good, I didn;t here anything about running out.

All in all,I loved their vibe, their service, everything! But again this is only Monday, we will find out Tomorrow!

I have to say colour stay is the best, I ddin't have to do any touch up!!! at all! love it!


(Nurse) Karen said...

great blog in general! i think i saw spice on the road tuesday. seemed like a great time. i was in evolution...but when you all were by the synergy stage...i had to pass back around there for something. they did so well for first year out.

mimi said...

thanks for the comment!I agree Spice did well and I hope they do just as well or even better for C2k10

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