Saturday, February 21, 2009

SPICE collection review!!!!

So I was aiming to reach Spice at 2pm but due to certain issues, yuh girl did not reach until 3:15pm.
Anyway, when I arrived, I was greeted by a tenet and about 10 people for the most sitting under it.So my boy CJ who was handlin the tent, told me to take a seat n wait in a while, I probably waited for 15 minutes and then was called upstairs, we I meet 5 people in the front room, seated waiting to be called for payment.

After I waited about 10 minutes there, we were called to sit and wait till a cashier clears up in order for us to cash. ( Does this musical chairs sound familiar? :::(Insert cough here)TRIBE(and here)::: Anyway, moving, now this is where the real test of patience and waiting came through. I probably sat waiting for the cashier to clear for about 30 minutes. No lie. There were 3 cashiers, one dedicated to the right side of the room, and there were another 2. The other 2 were kept up for about 30 minutes. The first cashier, apparently a couple who register in Prive, their registration info was not entered on the computer so they had to go in d filing cabinet and manually find their files. The second cashier had a couple who were collecting for like the wholeee nation!

So after my mother unleash the bad Grenadian in her, and had some words with Anya ( no foul language! my momma has class ppl!) Anyway, the cashiers cleared up, we waited for about 5 minutes and got on our way. The cashier however did not check my ID and I am worried that if that is her regular practice that ppl could be walking away with costumes.

Anywho! I got my fully printed receipt and was then ushered (by the same girl who registered me, the one who modeled Peppercorns (she nice eh!)) Anyway, got ushered where i got FHO treatment, I was asked what bra size I would like to try on, Tried on several bras, until coming to a conclusion of a 36DD which by the way is no where near my size. I was shocked to see that the straps, weren't clear but where also red!! yay!!!!

Then I was asked what size is my waist, i said 38" and was presented with a large belt, tried it on, and apparently yuh girl lost reall inches because It was over big! So much so I had to change to a medium because no matter how much you had adjust it, it was just too big!!!

Afterwards, I was shown how to put on my back(well shoulder) pack! and got my panty and extra boyshorts, which btw i heard from bunny that they are the same as Tribe's own and I believe they may be locally made, but they fit good though!

After that, I picked up my stuff and headed to the last table where I got my goodie bag and band! I even have a band for the toilet, look ting!

So on to the goodie bag!
Goodie bag contained (this is female i dunno bout males eh)
  1. tampon
  2. monster condom
  3. another condom
  4. orbit white gum
  5. dentene ice gum (sample pack)
  6. banana boat sun block spf30
  7. banana boat aloe vera after sun gel
  8. aids/ safe sex pamphlet
  9. spice book
  10. dermae natural bodycare Organic Expressions Hydrating Day creme
  11. dermae natural bodycareTea Tree and E Antispectic creme
  12. dermae natural bodycare Organic Expressions Facial Cleanser
  13. dermae natural bodycare$100 Gift Certificate for Facial and consultation
  14. Wonderworld 10% voucher
  15. Spice/Monster cup ( just like the bmobile!)
  16. Sunsilk De Frizz, shampoo, Conditioner
  17. Advil Liqui - Gels

  • Cute goodie bag
  • GREAT customer service
  • SPEEDY cashing ( once it doh have any issues)

  • Only 3 cashiers
  • Bras weren't appropriately sized

  • Perhaps they should designate a cashier especially for those who registered outside of the camp like in Prive and Wicked in White
  • and another for those collecting for groups of more than 3.
But unlike me, who had a relatively smooth collection, Sapo, on the other hand ( one of the bloggers) had to switch from her Scotch Bonnet Frontline to Cardamom Frontline, because of how the bra fit. The cups are short and therefore everything was outside for Sapo, so she had to switch. Also Rene also didn't get her Headpiece for Sea Salt FL till today and that costume was due for collection since THURSDAY!
But all in all for a new band, they weren't too bad for first timers!

Now here is the lineup
  1. Paprika
  2. Brown Suger
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Melilot Bleu
  5. Golden Basil
  6. Peppercorns
  7. Garden of Sage
  8. Mediterranean Borage
  9. Scotch Bonnet (WTF?)
  10. Cardamom
So d line up Shitty! let we not even go ther, but whatever, it looks like the reall party is at the back!

So we meeting at Memorial Park
Monday - 9am
Tuesday 6:30 am

Rest stop, is at QRC grounds.

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