Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the road survival....when you and yuh crew split up

So after seeing Saucy;s post on TRIBE's Line up I am surprised a bit but happy at the same time, it's an ok line to not make any section feel inferior so placing a less attractive costume with another is all good to me. But the question arises.... "I'm in blue tanger and my crew in Green Honey creeper, etc. What do I do? How am I gonna find them?! Huh? Huh?HUH?!!!!"

Relax my friends. The solution is simple.....
  1. Have designated meeting points after crossing the 'stages' (can you hear my sarcasm with saying stages....scoff!) for example.:- You and crew have to split up to cross the stage downtown Port of Spain, aim to meet back up by KFC.
  2. Always keep a cell phone in hand ( and please try to leave your blackberry home...we ain't want nobody trying to thief your phone, it is carnival and the guntas will be on the prowl sorry to bust your bubble!) so that in the event you get detached or lost ring them up...do not text because on Carnival Monday and Tuesday the servers go haywire and sometimes you don't receive text messages at the time when they were sent....lets try 3 hrs later you'll get it....
  3. Try yuh very best not to stray from crew and band!!!!!! Very important! Especially to the newbies, don't stray because you see a man doing airbrushing tattoos and you want one, unless you know where the band going and your crew know where you going! stay your tail in the damn band! Always be accompanied by at least one person...please!
That's the end of my tips for today have a blessed day everyone...buh bye!

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