Monday, August 18, 2008

Some MAC products that you should invest in!

So I was looking through the MAC website and saw some products that should be invested in for Carnival!

First up.......... Primer

Prep + Prime Protect with SPF 50! - US$28.00
If you start off your make up regime with sunblock and this primer, your face should be protected for the rest of the day! My God I've never seen any make up primer with this kind of sun protection!


Face and Body

This foundation is water based so it looks as though it can be messy! But once applied with a sponge or brush, you should be good to go, it is water-resistant, I believe that was my main reason for putting it up here, so it can outlast the sweat and probably some rain! But i don't think I would recommend this for persons with oily skin.

Studio Fix
Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

This is the foundation most people use from MAC, this is the fluid version of the original Studio Fix. Most people believe this is the best foundation. As for persons with oily skin, the original Studio Fix would be better, because it comes on dry and not as a liquid, thus less oil! Both are long lasting


Blot Powder Loose
Blot Powder Pressed
This powder is said to absorb oil and leave a matte long lasting finish.

Select Sheer
Select Sheer Loose
Lightweight powder that makes skin look flawless


Carnival Diva said...

Aye girl like you read meh blog lol when I suggested the same to some people :) and is true.

mimi said...

lol how yuh know!But unlike them ppl I wear stocking :p! I have to head down to mac in westmall to get that primer if they have it! I wish senses in trincity mall used to sell that. The only mac products i could get in trincity is lipgloss and eyeshadows...steups

Carnival Diva said...

I think you should call first before making that trek :)

mimi said...

of course! you know that my motto!

LMN Harris said...

You should also add MAC Matte Mattifier to that list - In fact that should be the main thing.

Its a clear gel that you put on after moisturizer but before powder/foundation and it keeps you oil free and absolutely smooth, no matter how much you sweat!

You'd have to get it online, though... I've only been able to get it in NYC...

Carnival Diva said...

REALLY? I going and call West Mall now, I have oily skin like whoa, this would be great for me!

Goddess said...

Thanx.. I did not know about this blotting powder until now, and it's only recently I've started feeling like more was needed to keep down the shine on my T-zone.
Good looking out.

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