Thursday, August 28, 2008

Caged Canary and green Honey Creeper Bags!

So I have been working on some of you guys bags! I have also made some changes, the bags will now either be satin or sequined fabric! the cotton was just a bit too drab! lol and as I showed in my previous post the large bag is a bit bigger and the previous large bag is now the medium bag!

This bag is a bag done for caged canary!

Pink satin on the outside, gold satin lined with chain and feather detail.

Green Honey Creeper
The bag is lined with green satin on the inside and green brocade ( due to no sequined cloth available in the green) with dark green, light green and gold sequin detail along with green and gold diamantes. This featured bag is a large bag also!


Carnival Diva said...

awww, check you out? do it girl!


The Green Honeycreeper option sure put a sparkle in my eye...I will be spreading word.


dajewel1982 said...

i really really love the green one!!! keep it up!!

cute dougla said...

this is gorgeous mimi!!!When can we see a scotch bonnet prototype????

mimi said...

soon girl, i'm working on it!

HQ said...

LOVING the Caged Canary bag...will need to place several orders...I will get at you via email.

Please keep it fly is this?

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