Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cutesy girl purchase review

So is a bout two weeks now I watchin this boots on cutesy girl on sale for $12.99USD in a size 11 ( I am a size 10, but needed the 11 for adding insoles and thing!) So Wednesday night, I showed my sister the boots, expecting her to order it for me, because she knows all about our SkyBox and thing. So Thursday night, I asked if she order it, you know this girl didn't think I was serious! So she ordered it. But unlike other companies which charge you standard US ground shipping if you have Sky Box, even if you have Sky box you have to pay the full international shipping price of $44USD. Now the girl order it and didn't tell me that I end up paying $57USD!!!! But say what the order done gone through. Now note the date I ordered this thing eh, in Thursday gone!!

So I wake up bright and early, to here UPS coming with meh boots!!!! I make a tak back! what yuh mean today?! Whats the date?! Wednesday?!!! Is not even a whole week!! Needless to say I was very much impressed with the quick shipping! My God!! i don't think I have ever received any apparel that quick! The delivery charge was $76TTD. When I opened up my box and tried on the shoe it fit like is mine!!!lol!!!! And just my luck, the boot is now sold out!!! The boot however is tres comfortable!!! The size however runs a bit small, because that 11 fits like 10.5 but it is comfy good Lord!

So cutesy girl I would give you a 4 out of 5!!!


Carnival Diva said...

Onto the decoration process!!! :) Give it to us step by step! :)

mimi said...

of course!!! I done have some ideas in mind!!!!

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