Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SPICE FB Message

Message from Nicholas Pena on behalf of SPICE Facebook Group

Hello to all you Spice crew members.

Just wanted to thank you all for the overwhelming response that we have gotten thus far.

We have some sections that are already sold out so this is just an indication of what is still available and what is not.

Mediterranean Borage - SOLD OUT!!
Melilot Bleu - SOLD OUT!!
Brown Sugar (Frontline) - SOLD OUT!!
Paprika (Frontline) - SOLD OUT!!

All other sections are available via registration on site @ Spice's camp or our Online Application form.

Anyone who has registered for the above sold out sections prior to this msg. has made it in time to get the costumes of your choice (exhale now) *phew*... lol.

Many Thanks,
Spice Team.

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