Saturday, August 9, 2008

Elements costume review!

So Saucy wanted to switch things up a little and asked if we her readers could provide an honest and frank review of the costumes shown at last nights launch.

To tell you the honest truth, I am not feeling the feathers cascading all over from your headpiece. I do like the feahtered back pack and the sparkling monokini. Other than that, this reminds me of Jubilee which was shown at one of their media launches and to be quite honest, I think the costume lacks creativity, I feel as though it was just slap some feathers there and get a sparkly orange monokini and we good!

Lady Luck
This costume is okay in my books, the bra and belt is cute along with the ultra cute arm pieces. The colour combination of purple, pink silver and gold is nice.

Treasure Island

I feel as though this costume has been done so many times under so many names. Yawn! Next!


As I said before, I love the colour combination but not the beading,and the short corset is too busy, it has too much design on it.


It is not too bad of a costume, however I feel that it could've really popped with a different colour scheme. Perhaps eliminate the black and use something else or ease up on the heavy black in the bra.

Caesars Palace

It is a nice costume, I actually like it, but something about it reminds me of Tribe's almathea. But i always liek to see white costumes but will never play in them. The different cut of the bra is nice, not sure if it would be comfy but is nice and the gold trimmings are nice

Queen of Harts
Hmmm another monokini...looks like someone was listening when I said more options and include a monokini. Any who I thought my costume had plenty red, but this costume is okay, I like belt piece and the headpiece. The monokini looks ok, not really feeling the ruffles.

Boy oh boy was I waiting to get to this costume. The cute of the waistcoat is very nice, but it lacks decoration! I feel as though this costume had so much potential and yet it was waisted, its not to late, they could still do something about it. The headpiece is lovely though,simple but nice


Mirage screams sex, but at the same time it makes me scream. It makes me wonder what is the costume really about it.


Now this is a cute costume. I like the bikini option, the corset i think was decorated like an after thought. But i think this has to be one of their best costumes

Saw this already, commented on it already. NEXT


This is their best costume hands down! I love it!! This is the only one that they got really creative with.

i think on the whole Elements lacks creation. I think that they do not devote enough tot heir costumes and they all lack something except Bellagio and Roulette ( back line). I beliee tht they believe well lets just slap some of this and that on it and it's glamorous. Not uh, thats not how it works.

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