Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well yes TRIBE!!!!

Well imagine my suprise when I gone to check my email this morning and see
info (TRIBE)
TRIBE TLC Card stating my number.

Believe me this email is no hoax, it states my user name tlc number and everything. How can that be after you specifically told me my not was not on the list for a TLC card TRIBE? Huh?Huh?
I was practically dying when I saw...Hhow in the mudda ass you will send me that now after I done eat my humble pie and gone and put down deposit in another band?!
Is this a sign dear Lord, sell thy costume and jump in TRIBE !
Well tough luck there, cause I don't have enough money to downpay on nething right now and definitely not enough to be a 2 band H.O.

I wonder who else is probably screaming in joy at gettin a TLC?



LOL. TWO WORDS 'CARNIVAL JUNCTION'. Im sure you could make some $$$. People will pay an arm and a leg to have a card.

SocaDiva said...

I need a TLC card well actually not me my cousin wants to play but its her first time and she's from the U.S so i know there is a very big possibility she wont get in. But I don't know if you've already found someone to register for let me know thnx in advance!

Samantha Monroe said...

Bravo :) are you going to play with Tribe or no?

mimi said...

nope im staying with spice, tribe will see me for 2k10, thats if spice doesnt woo me away for

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

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