Friday, August 22, 2008

My Complimentary Bra Straps!

So as promised Fay did indeed send the complimentary bra straps to me, they just arrived today!They came packaged neatly inside a padded envelope.

In a resealable bag inside of a red organza drawstring pouch! I must say these bra straps are well made, very sturdy and are very comfortable!

Also very supportive! I would encourage persons to purchase a pair from Bra Straps Worldwide if ever needed or contact Fay at! Thanks A lot Fay! They are tres comfortable!!!


cute dougla said...

Mimi, thanks for this info!!! Which strap would u recommend for scotch bonnet in spice? I'm opting for the corset so I will need some straps

mimi said...

i would recommend this one.I like it alot its simple, red and looks like i will blend in good!

mimi said...

also i did a post earlier about diamante straps. they come in red also,so email fay at and she'll help you out!

cute dougla said...

Thanks...I think the red double pearl looks great for SB. I'll email her now!!!

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