Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yay! I Could Put On Eyelashes!

So I've been trying to get this eyelash thing right for a while now, I've tried individuals and that was not working! So I had to go out last night and decided I needed to get this eyelash thing right. So I bought a pack of Red Cherry #73 eyelashes at Wonderful World for $15.00 and then ended up with She Gloo Eyelash Adhesive since the mall got flooded out and my usual booth that sells Ardell Lash Grip was inaccessible.

The Lashes looked good, no problem there and a lot of Make Up artists in Trinidad use Red Cherry

She Gloo Adhesive.
Since this is the first time I'm using it, i was skeptical, but at $30.00 I knew this thing had to be something good. So I bought it in Dark so if the glue gets on the lash it won't show up!

  • Sticks on great! Just put more glue on the edges than you would in the middle( Learning from mistake lol, thats why my own was sticking up in the corner lol)
  • Drys dark so it blends right in
  • Easily removable with make up remover or warm water(when liquid form only, like accidental spills and stuff).
  • It's Waterproof

  • Very messy, the glue literally just flows out, be careful!
  • Takes a while to get tacky, more than the 20 seconds marked on the box.

All in all I think She Gloo is a good buy! I would recommend it!

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