Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let the games begin!!! ( My spice mas camp visit)

For 2k8 I got off to a really late start on carnival, I'm talking i started preparing for carnival 2k8 in January For 2k9 however things are gonna be a little different.
First off, I'm taking the chance and playing with SPICE a new band for Carnival 2k9 with an atmosphere of friendliness and fun.

So to kick off my Carnival preparations, the first thing I did was order my boots! I order these great boots from Cutesy Girl for only $12.99 US, and because my foot is size 10, a size 11 boots at $13US had to be ordered!

Second on the agenda ;which really should've been first , was registering for my costume! So I head down to Spice earlier today with my mother, when they say it is obliquely opposite Bat n Ball they ain't make joke nah! And I saw the little 'sign' that Afro Chic was talking about, it was barely noticeable with the rain washing it out and all! So meh mother with her crazy self park in front of Invader's gate and bawl
-"Well they ain't playing pan right now, so let's take a chance!"

Lol so we go up the nicely spaced stairs,(you aint go break yuh ass) lol and to my surprise the door was held open for my mother and I! (thank you!!!) We were greeted by a young woman and man. As I walked in the door I immediately saw the love of my life and gravitated straight towards it! My mother now talking about lets walk around....walk around? woman look it here!!!lol So I told the girl I immediately want to register. She must've thought I was joking. After I told her I want to register and took a little walk to see the costumes...I must say sea salt backline is absolutely stunning in person!!!! And for that price, I consider it a steal of a deal!!! But the beading on Mediterranean Borage is beautiful, the costume would be so nice on the road! So after hearing my mother ask where in this costume is it worth $3795 lol we finally settled on it after I had to tell her about her playin mas with the stick!

Anyways so I took a seat on their nice plush couch, and waited while the girl attended to me. The form very simple, checkbox for costume options, scotch bonnet has the option of the regular bra, which I of course did not take!!! (why you may ask since I have quite a bit of bosom.) because I am not paying money for cat in bag, I don't know if it looks the same. We were finished with registration in about 5 minutes. My only concern is that, they do get some more areas for registration after next week or so, when IP has launched and most people have made up their mind as their will be major hold up.

The mas camp isn't big, it's probably about the same space as TRIBE or Trini Revellers or smaller, however it is neatly laid out needless to say my mother was very impressed with them.

The rest of the list goes as follows ( in no particular order)

  • Get paint for boots and decorations
  • get monday wear
  • get make up
  • pay off the rest of the costume
  • carnival bag (sewn by moi!)
  • decorate my bling cup!
  • get stockings



Good review. I just want to know your opinons/ observations of the detail Brown Sugar, Sea Salt & Paprika B.A.B.E please...?

mimi said...

Sea Salt B.A.B.E is soooooooo beautiful....honestly if i didn't have a thing about plaiyng in white I would've played in it. But to really puul of this costume i think you need to have nice hips and thighs. It offers some good support for the breast in my opinion, in fact all the bras in their camp. Brown sugar is a nice costume, but the headpiece isn't my favourite

mimi said...

I think a costume like brownsugar can be pulled off by lighter ppl and light - medium brown people...
Paprika is very cute, but skimpayyyyyyy!!! wax and tone up them thighs baybay! cause lawdd it skimpay. It looks nice, it would sparkle a bit on the road but not as much as sea salt!! sea salt will really sparkle because there are sequins and stuff on it! I hope I helped


you really did. thank you darling you're a star*

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