Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Tribe picks!

So TRIBE Launched last night and I was impressed by their costumes but I am not as hyper as I was to see SPICE's costumes, why I don't know. Maybe is cause I was vex I didn't go the But anyway, I can't afford TRIBE frontlines, plain and simple! My budget this year is for a costume under $4000. sorry to say but I've got school coming up and stuff and I can't afford to be paying no $6000 for no fronlint costume in TRIBE! So I will have to be a backline betty again this year, until I get myself settled.

So here are my top picks for Backline betty's in TRIBE

all photos are property of Triniscene
1.African Pride!!! absolutely love it!!!


3.Blue tanger

4..Green Honeycreeper

5.golden dove

6.hummingbird( modelled by meh girl asha lol)

My first priority is definitely African Love bird!!!! I love it, because of the kind of stomach i have, when it's flat, it doesn't look flat, so that can cover it up a bit! but i love it!!!! then blue tanger is my second, i love it! I am waiting patently to see the prices, i'm going with the most economical out of the entire set, if I do not get y costume in TRIBE, SPICE Scotch Bonnet FL Here I come!!!!

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