Monday, July 28, 2008

Ardelle Eyelashes and Glue available in T'Dad

So last week, I had my so called graduation party to attend, and I decided on purchasing falsies to glamour up a bit! So there I was on my quest to find the perfect eyelashes, because I hate the overly long ones, I didn't really want to look like a drag queen.

The pennywise collection wasn't big, basically just two types of Ardell lashes, 105 and 106 or 106 and 107, can't really remember but they just about look similar, just one is fuller than the other. They go for $18.50. Also Andrea brand lashes are also available for about $12.50 I believe, but Ardell is the better brand to purchase hands down.Although pennywise sells the eyelashes, they have no glue. So I had to go to the only place that would have the glue in the mall. You know that little make up kiosk by Mario's outside of Radio Shack near to the clothing store? Yes that little expensive kiosk. She had Ardell's individual lashes($35.00) along with Revlon . She also carries Ardell's Lash tite Strip lash glue and individual lashes glue. They cost about $40. 00.

Wonderful World upstairs of Trincity Mall ( the original branch) also sells feathered eyelashes, in red, green, blue ,multicolored and everything.

The Ardell site also has a guide to applying falsies

Stay tuned for follow up ion posts on eyelashes to match TRIBE and SPICE costumes!

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