Monday, July 21, 2008

Spice Band Launch

Melilot Blue Front Line
Sorry for the big delay!

So the huzzy and I along with my friend head down to the launch. We reached Zen about 10:30 but unlike Saucy and Afro Chic, we lil young so we had to enjoy the long line (which moved rather quickly) into Zen. On entry there were these girls in cute little black and white satin dresses with the spice logo sponsored by Micles checking through what looked like the guest list. ( I'm sorry I didn't take a picture). When we arrived inside, the crew was looking sparse, i thought to myself, the way I had to park quite down near the end of the street I swear it had more people here! But low and behold it soon filled up.The launch that was supposed to start at 11 started more like 11:30 with the pig giant pepper shaker in the middle with an added run way extension to the front. I got a good seat near the stairs and held up my camera waiting in anticipation. As the presentation started there were these two 'chefs' turning around the gigantic 'spice' shaker revealing the costumes....niceee.

The models seemed to be a bit stiff in the beginning but, they loosened up after a while. While the costumes were being presented Zen and their damn mist pipe madness thing, kept coming down thus making it hard to get pictures at first. But after a while everything went nice. To tell you how nice it is, my huzzy who hates mas found the costumes very nice and the band launch great! They modeled to soca and looked like they had fun!

Now on to the costumes
Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet we all know and saw already from the Facebook Group all though I think it is missing something a little more just to make it pop a little. The
front line version however was very cute with the nice big collar feathering around you. The male version was also a cutie! with the lil rope around the stomach and little jacket and headpiece
rating- 4/5

Next up was Mediterranean Borage

The combinations of the colors on this costume, the blue and bronze are magnificent because these colors will pop on the road on any skin tone! I love the colour combination. The headpiece....still a little iffy about it but, the beading on the bra, belt and arm, hand and leg pieces are magnificent. The male costume here is pretty simply nothing extravagant to talk about
rating 4/5

Now it was time for Sea Salt!!!!
The front line of this costume was very much my favourite and still is, even d huzzy likes it!! The back line version with the halter bra and broad belt shows that it can accommodate the thickies, but for some reason the black line doesn't pop for me!
I think the this back line version has to be the least skimpiest costume there. The male version is actually cute! With the gem and feathered head band and the tasseled waist band with gems! lol even the men getting some whip action!!!
rating 4/5

Garden of Sage

This costume is the green machine! Although the beading and craft work on the costume is very nice,but its too much green!! They need to contrast it with a blue or a darker green that way it will pop more! it just looks to green! The male costume could stay how it is, it doesn't look bad!
rating 3/5

Brown Sugar!

Well we all know the brown sugar front line! The back line is just as stunning except with a smaller headpiece, I think the back line could have gotten a big head piece also ( not as gigantic as he front line but nevertheless big.) Now the male model, Kai Leggard needs to take it down a notch! I think his cockiness was on overdrive, just come out the stage and model the people costume and stoop with the damn antics! Beside that the male costume was normal, usual collar, lil crown like headpiece and arm and leg pieces

rating 5/5

Melilot Blue! one of my favs!!!

I loved the frontline of this costume with the plunge monokini and the' dig out people eye' collar with the blue and white feathers! Brilliant!!!! I also love the back line for this costume!! I love it i love it!!!!
rating 5/5


Now this is furry bamsee section aka Leasel Rovedas and I LOVE IT!!!!! It is by far the skimpiest costume in the band and I love the burnt orange and silver combination, i think this is another combination that will look good on all complexions. However not everyone can pull of the cage bra on the front line. The male costume is also appealing with the laced up arm band, neck and leg pieces. What I also love abut this costume is the big headpiece for both back and front!!!
rating 5/5

Golden Basil!

I like this costume! It is gorgeous , the front line is similar to that of Scotch Bonnet, but I like this headpiece better. I like bra on the back line, a deep plunge bra with articulate beading on it! love it! The belt i lobe even more and the simple bangles as wrist pieces was all that was needed. The costume is one that you need to look at more than once cause at first look, you may not be that attracted to it! The male costume with the golden basil leaves it soo cute, i love it!
rating 4/5


OMG!!! LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I know i said i will never play in black costume but i may just have to take back this statement!!! This costume is perfect! It doesn't have too much black but the lovely combination of black , white and silver is amazing!! And if I was a fella, I was definitely gonna play in this section
rating 5/5


To tell you the honest truth, the tassels on the backline belt turns me off of this costume! I like the frontline!!! If i was gonna play in it it would be the front line. The rest of the back line costume is nice, but the belt is killing me, but hey that's just me because other people are in love with it!

Have you got the spice?!


This just in, two sections Melilot Blue and Mediterranean Borage have been sold out and extra 50 costumes each will be added to the sections come registration time. For more info check Saucy

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