Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hmm not soo 'TEMPTING'

So as we all know, Evolution's Band Launch was last night, showing off their presentation of Temptations. All I have to say is...WHAT THE HELL?! Obviously between last year to now, the design team had to have changed! The costumes I saw (pictures provided by Saucy) those costumes lacked colour, beads, feathers,proper foot and arm pieces, it generally looked as though they tried to skimp on any thing possible, copy IP and TRIBE's previous designs from 2k7 n 2k8.The band looked as though it was a presentation from a Secondary School's Art class. In fact I'm sure an art class can produce better costumes than that.

One would think a mas connoisseur such as Curtis Eustace would be more than capable of coming up with presentations even more beautiful than last year. One would also think, with a presentation entitled 'Temptations" that colours such as red, gold,green and others, more lively and deep colours would have been used and more sexy and elaborate costumes would've been designed. All i can say to them is good luck....cause they'll need it!

You can see saucy's posts on the band launch


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