Thursday, July 10, 2008

Elements media launch

so elements hosted yet another media launch, this time however, doing it right! They previewed 2 costumes, which are not exactly in my favor as they don't wow me like Spice. Ilove the colors personally, but i must admit that the entire costume does not wow me. The pink and organe one, love the belt and leg pices, headpiece, hate the bra! I don't like the idea of the plain jane bra and just a set of beds hanging from my neck. although it looks kinda cute, i don't really like it. As for the green, you kno i all for anti - bkini options, so i like the corset idea, however, i don't like the working on it, especially the belt. They have however redeemed themselves greatly! but im sitll not getting the wow factor like i did with SPICE, i'll jsut wait till the 8th and see the rest of their presentation Casino Royale.

To see pics and Saucy's Review click here

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