Wednesday, July 2, 2008

High heeled BOOTS, flat BOOTS, knee length BOOT, ankle BOOTS, custom BOOTS...just BOOTS

Now I know there are some people preparing for Labour day Crop Over and Caribana, as DC carnival just went. The most typical sites like Go Jane, Cutesey Girl and others have mostly boots up to size 10. So what about the big foot sistas like myself who regular shoe size is 10?! I've learn't that most people associate big feet with plus size I searched and Found

  • So what if? This link gives a whole list of stores that you can get your boots from.

When purchasing boots it is noted that you should
  • buy atleast a 1/2 larger than your original size
  • purchase insoles such as Dr. Scholls (they work miracles i say!)
  • make sure the heel height is no less than 1", thus giving yourself some heel and arch support
  • If purchasing wedge heels over an inch be sure that these are platform...i.e the front is high too, that way preventing feet from falling forward.
  • Try a boot with padding, if ready made, it makes the fit more comfy.

for more links for purchasing boots online and custom made, check Afro Chic's boots site


Lesley-Ann said...

The link to Afro Chic's site is

Note the 's'

mimi said...

sorry love, it was honest typo.

Anonymous said...

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