Thursday, July 31, 2008

D Heat!! Ahhhhh D HEAT!!!!

So last night I was on a particular blog, chatting along, when a very controversial issue stirred up. Now, I am all for peace and serenity and I must say that bachannal amongst bloggers disturbed me a bit because I love to see bachannal free communities!

However I have realised that people have this mentality of defending one's band of choice. We all need to remember what Betty like Jane is not going to like, everyone is entitled to enjoying their own damn cup of tea! Thus the band rivalry starts and we argue and argue about 'our' bands and who is better and who is accused of doing what. And as a means to solving the problem we act immature or stupid, ignoring our friendships and showing our ugly colours. You feel them band studyin allyuh? steups. Carnival is supposed to be a time for unity, so please , let the only bachannal on blogs be from the bands itself and who designer they drop. Please and Thanks!!!!
(storms off blog)

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