Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Band Launching Season has begun!!!

It's official, today, is July 1st, band launching seasons is now in session. Going first is Evolution at Club Zen this Friday.although yours truly will not be in attendance (CAPE still going on yuh know!) I will get pics! lol somehow! Now, here are the rest of launches that I know about! It is rumored that IP's launch date is August 19th. Not quite sure yet, but we'll see!

  • 13th - Kaotic - Life Unleashed
  • 19th - Spice - The Missing Ingredient
  • 26th - TRIBE - Birds of a Feather

  • 1st - Ronnie & Caro - Bakanal
  • 16th - Harts
  • 16th - D Krewe- IERE Virgin Paradise

  • 7th - Pulse 8 - Hot, Hot, Hot
  • 21st - Genesis
  • 24th - Trini Revellers - A Tribute to Trinidad and Tobago
* the ones in deep red are what I will be attending

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is harts for sure?
b/c i just read its the 15th which is a sunday and duznt make sense
and the 16th is a monday which makes less sense!!

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