Monday, July 7, 2008

The Indirect Way of Clearing one's self from a social disaster

So as we all know, The Evolution costumes were not a sight for sore eyes. Curtis Eustace, the band leader, has came up with an indirect way of 'clearing' himself of the fiasco by trying to give 'credit' to his young designers in a Guardian article today. I couldn't help but laugh at how out of timing the article was and his clever attempt, which most probably wouldn't read this much into. Now please be aware that this is my opinion and I would appreciate it if no out of timing persons such as 'THE" come and start to talk up in dey ass for me. :D Thanks you. Here's the article :-

"Stop claiming credit for works of others


Nine-time King of Carnival, Curtis Eustace, wants bandleaders to stop stealing ideas from young mas designers and crediting such work as their own.

He said many bandleaders were still taking ideas for creations, in which they had no active involvement, as their own. This practice, he said, must stop.

Eustace said in doing so, they stifled designers, especially the emerging ones.

He expressed his concern on Friday when his band, Evolution, unveiled its 2009 Carnival presentation titled Temptations, at Zen nightclub on Keate Street in Port-of-Spain.

Eustace said Evolution, which burst unto the Carnival scene this year, had its eyes on the future—a future that had a place and space for young designers to explore.

“A lot of bandleaders take credit for designs that were created by other people. That happens especially to young designers.

I’m guilty of doing the same thing. I used to take credit for my King of Carnival costumes, but that was not true. My brother Marcus was responsible for my costumes,” Eustace said.

“I danced the costume better. My brother couldn’t do it, because he had two left feet. I’m just the driver. He was the creator.”

Eustace said a lot of young designers wanted a chance to exhibit their talent, and Evolution would provide them with both the platform to do so and secure their right to retain their credits."


(This part was in the actual papers but not on the website)


Temptations features 16 sections, with themes such as Erotic Bondage, by Nadira Bassant amd Shawn McNeil; Burning Ecstasy, by Hayden Jessop and Kester Reid; Crystal Seduction, by Godfrey Wickham; and Jewels of Desire by Baje International."

Now when I copied the article I didn't read it, I would think the guardian would post an article to its' entirety... well I was wrong!
Trinidad Guardian Newspapers


Justice said...

The reason Curtis is giving these young designers a chance is because he is not willing to pay any of the established designers! Why he don't say why certain designers took back their costume and left him high and dry when he set them up to get paid. Not to mention he has listed some sections under D.J. names when other people design the costumes. Pot calling Kettle BLACK.

Taking advantage of naive young people and making them wait till after the launch to get paid (if they get all then) is MUCH better than taking credit for their work right? steupsssssss

mimi said...

hmmm justice all i know is Curtis Eustace will not get my money at all, neither here or Caribana. He is a mas veteran, so why all the underhand business. steups.

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