Friday, July 25, 2008

Spicy prices!

So after a hectic day, a come to look at SPICE's website, to see the costume prices, since my girl Rene done gone and sign up for Sea Salt (FHO all d way girllll). So I looked at the costumes and the prices and wondered if some of those prices, were a bit, how should I say...wild. I have no problem with a new band using a competitive or competition based pricing system, but I did think they were going to use something more along the lines of penetration pricing (i.e. pricing a product at a low rate to ensure high sales).

However, going into the mas business can also be a huge risk, and has huge overheads if the band cannot get as many sponsors as band such as TRIBE and IP. Therefore, prices are set to cover overheads and give some form of profit. Then there is also the case where bands such as Evolution can experience losses due to unappealing costumes.

SPICE has uploaded the prices on the website (all prices are TT$)

Brown sugar

Frontline -3995
Backline- 2895
Male -2500


Frontline-3 795
Backline- 2995
Male -2600

Golden Basil

Backline- 3295
Male -2600

Mediterranean Borage

Backline- 3495
Male -2700

Melilot Blue

Backline- 3395
Male -2700


Frontline- 4195
Male -2600


Male -2900

Scotch Bonnet

Frontline- 3795
Backline- 2795
Male -2650

Sea Salt

Male -2600

I believe some of these costumes are not really worth the price and apparently i'm not the only one that holds this point of view!, but thats just me, In some sections being a FHO is more economical than a Backline Betty. My favourite choices are Cadamom , Scotch Bonnet, Golden Basil or Sea Salt Frontline, as for Backline it would be Paprika or peppercorns.

Now as for the up and coming TRIBE launch tomorrow night, I will not be attending, so you'll have to look forward for the live updates from Saucy! However judging from their little snippet shown in today's Guardian I can only imagine the wonders my eyes will behold tomorrow night into Sunday morning from Saucy's blog! I am also expecting to hear about their steady increased pricing for this coming year's costumes from them also, I am expecting to see no costume less than $3000. . I have gotten so accustomed to the all-inclusive experience, the whole 'just walk with a little vex money and your makeup' so much so that any band that does not offer certain services get left behind! Perhaps this is why other masqueraders like myself allow the prices to increase as we go by the belief that all these services being provided increase in price every year due to rise in costs. But I will put that dent in my pocket to play mas, so choose wisely and don't waste your money

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