Friday, July 4, 2008

And some people don't think boots popular?! steupsss

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This is for all those who are unsure of wearing boots instead of sneakers....don't be afraid, I was just like you in 2008...(lol or we still in 2008) but for 2k9 I may be one of

One of these things are not like the other....these two autumn sprites in the back, enjoying themselves in their matching yellow boots...cute :)

The two mystique revellers also in their cute spray painted boots.

And then there was fur

And the Ate Logo boots were making a hit! My friend bought one and said they were so comfy she felt as though she was walking on air! she didn't even need insoles!

The wedge heel...for those masqueraders who want to be ultra divalicious and literally want to stand tall and look beautiful!

Hmmm it so popular even men wearing them!!!!

Watch lets get a close up on these appliqu├ęs!!!!!

Hmm the boots phenomenon is taking over...sneakers watch out!!!!!


Legz02 said...


I wore boots for the first time this year as well & it was the best decision I made but not everyone is in agreement, nah! Afro Chic decorated my boots, posted them on her blog & some chic went on & lambaste meh ass for wearing "hot" (as in temperature) boots in Trini. While my boots were "hot" (as in fabulous), most importantly, they were comfy!!! Like you, I'll be doing it again & I plan on wearing boots on Monday too!!

P.S. Nice blog!

mimi said...

Thank you very much! lol...let her lambaste you! lol you'll still be looking fab!

Malicious Jade said...

Hi Mimi, I saw that you were inquiring on a past post involving the store where I commented that I only found a size 12 pair of boots.

That would be Payless. They usually have sizes for women up to 12. If not, check Atti Logo. Though I know they only go up to size 10, I think. But it is comfortable as hell. Hope that helps.


mimi said...

Thanks very much!

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